Sunday, May 29, 2005


Both the movie and review for this one will be a tad more serious than the previous, but only because Todd Solondz is a God among men and deserves the utmost of respect.
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Todd Solondz has blessed the movie-viewing world with just four films that he is proud to say are his. His first,
Welcome To The Dollhouse, continues into his latest, Palindromes. The continuation of the story is likely a salute to the Solondz fans that have stuck with him from the start and to the characters of Dollhouse.

Using many different actresses to play the main character, Aviva, worked brilliantly. Although many complained that it was pointless or confusing, I felt it was important to show Aviva as she was intended to be, an every-American girl.

The movie is a beautiful portrayal of self-discovery. We watch as a dozen young women go through the trials and tribulations of growing up wanting to love something and be loved in return.
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Connecting Welcome To The Dollhouse to Palindromes was one of my favourite features of the film. Specifically, bringing in the character of Mark Weiner, likely based on Solondz himself, gave the movie a whole new element of dry and sarcastic humour.

As always, Todd Solondz exposes issues like abortion, child sex, and rape by stomping on them, rather than dancing around them. The movie is provocative and will offend most people but that just means you don’t “get it”, man.

I love you,
Todd Solondz.
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Ps. The next movie is AWFUL, so the review won’t be as serious.
Pps. Pedophiles love kids.


Jason Metcalfe said...

Clearly more than just good looks, the author of this review, strikes home with a vivid yet succinct elaboration on the movies content and story.

While normally I find professional movie reviewers, art film fans and "artistes" to be contrived, hypocritical blowhards, this review struck home with me, though I haven’t seen the movie, with her honest, personal feelings, and clear yet intelligent "everyman"… or in this case "everywoman" language.

My favorite line was: "As always, Todd Solondz exposes issues like abortion, child sex, and rape by stomping on them, rather than dancing around them"

Congratulations... Rogert Ebert needs a new partner. I think I could sell you to the network...

I’m off to rent the movie

Dave Klein said...

I'm off to Check out the new Star Wars movie. Why has no one made a comment on the most famous movie series ever made. It's been 28 years of action, adventure and out of the box thinking. Come on people. Someone make a statement on the underlying message which seems to resonate with these movies. Sit back, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy a movie which one day just may become a reality.

Dave Klein Out!